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The objective is to be a self-sustained social enterprise that provides self-testing for the detection of HPV to a commercial segment (commercial component) whose benefits allow subsidizing a low-income segment (social component) and generate awareness among the female public about the vital importance of having an HPV test as part of the cervical cancer prevention strategy.

The project is based on four key pillars:

  1. The use of molecular HPV tests for detection, with a better sensitivity than PAP tests and at a relatively low cost.
  2. The use of self-collected vaginal samples, which offers the opportunity to increase detection coverage.
  3. Women in the community who teach other women about cervical cancer and how to apply the HPV test.
  4. The use of technology with the development of a computer platform for monitoring the distribution of molecular HPV tests, the results, the follow up of the women examined and the transmission of clinical visits reminders through text messages (SMS) to women and an internet and hot-line information platform


The target are women between 30 and 49 years old, for reasons of logistical feasibility and for a progressive validation of our business model, we have decided to start in Lima, city where one third of Peruvians live.

The most populated districts of Lima where women of SES AB and DE live


A simple, scalable and robust business model is developed, which makes available to women of socioeconomic level AB the Hope VPH test, using information technologies that allow the online sale of the tests as well as the distribution and pick up of the tests. , then the processing is done and finally the results are made available online through our web platform


A scalable and customized social model is developed through “Hope Ladies”, women from disadvantaged communities who spread information about HPV from door to door in their communities and then provide detection equipment to perform convenient and relatively comfortable tests. They are formalized, banked and trained, which improves their development opportunities, and their work is monitored by the project.

Expert gynecologists

An important component of the Hope model is its network of expert gynecologists, given their prestige they give the project guarantee giving an important support to the quality of the results, they also help us to provide an integral service giving to those women whose test result is positive a list of expert gynecologists and recognized to which to go, also if they wish they also become a distribution channel of the tests.

Presentation of the HOPE Project to the network of expert gynecologists

The Product

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